About Us

The innovative start-up Electric Land Ltd. was founded on March the 7th, 2014 in the form of an Ltd, it is the first company in the Alpine province of Verbania to be registered in the special section of innovative start-ups.

It quickly became a centre of production and distribution of digital events, focusing on the revolutionary technique of video-mapping. The beautiful Villa Pariani in Verbania houses our headquarters, along with the Industrial Union of Verbania. We also operates in Omegna, our offices are hosted within the Coworking company.

Our corporate strategy involves the production of interactive exhibits and real shows, which are able to combine scientific content into a historical and cultural narrative structure of theatrical type. What we offer is therefore a product understandable and usable by a wide and international audience.

Summer 2015 was marked by four different shows performed in the city of Verbania and and an indoor installation within the Forum Museum in Omegna. In the winter months between 2015 and 2016 – especially during Christmas – we produced live performances in Omegna. In the same months, an pioneering intervention of urban regeneration was proposed to the city of Vercelli. Starting from March 2016, we entered into a research and experimentation phase, focusing on new areas of application for video-mapping. We paid particular attention to the ongoing technological innovations within the world of digital communication.

In July the 1st, we reached a new level of cultural and social commitment along with technological experimentation: thanks to the regeneration of a historic building owned by the Company Workers' Mutual Aid of Verbania-Fondotoce, we opened a new digital atelier called Innovation Land.

Currently we are working on some novel and interesting productions, our ideas came from the will to both promote tourism and enhance the cultural and environmental heritage of our country, 2017 being the year of international sustainable tourism as declared by the UN. We therefore took charge of the Becoming Ossola project, with was born to promote original tourism experiences in the Ossola territory, employing a group of brilliant Italian collaborators with a Science, Technical and/or Humanities degrees.

In addition to the founder Andrea Avogadro, the staff now consists of Emiliano Zito. Mauro Tassera, Daniela Ferzola, Alessia de Michelis, Pietro Capriata and Davide De Vito. We are always interested in adding more professionalism to our team, on the belief that we can create a significant impact, both in terms of direct employment and support of new start-ups. This is why we decided to host a young person applying to the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs project. We hope to develop a stable working relationship with our neighbour countries.


Our Team:

Andrea Avogadro




Founder and producer

Alessia De Michelis



Art Director

Emiliano Zito



Architectural Visualizer

Mauro Tassera



Animation and Videomapping

Daniela Ferzola



 Graphic Design and Editor audio/video

Pietro Capriata



Innovation and planning 

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