Video Projection Mapping and Visual art

For us the video projection mapping is a form of visual communication tool to tell the city, the architecture, design and museum display. More info...

Marketing three-wheel tools: #followthecalesse


 Our Ape Calessino is available to promote your business. More info...


3D rendering to 360°
usable with VR


By the term rendering is the process that leads to the realization of views made thanks to a computer. More info...


Innovative Tools for tourism promotion


All our daily work on the assumption that it is important to create synergies between the tourism industry and cultural and creative industries. More info...


Video Projection Mapping and Visual Art

The videomapping consists in the production of content audio visive ad subsquent projection of these on manufactured articles such as buildings or objects. This projection is done in full dialogue with the artifact thar receives the light because they are enhaced and hightlighted the salient features.

By projecting light the building becomes a dynamic display : the architectural elements come alive , the different historical changes that have affected the building are brought to light , three-dimensional effects propose future actions to transform the building or new.

Indoors , carefully obscured , the object bathed in sunlight to life changing shape and material. The interior walls of a museum are transformed into signs and light projects the infographic useful to recount the work museum.


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